Since 1996 we have been at the forefront of creating a new paradigm for child sexual abuse prevention education.



Child sexual abuse is a major public health problem affecting a remarkable number of children every day. In fact, researchers say that one out of four of our young girls will be molested by the time they are 18 and the number for boys is at least one of six.

The number of children at risk of this kind of abuse is staggering. For 25 years professionals have concentrated prevention efforts on children. We have developed many excellent programs that teach children to say “no,” run away, and tell someone.

We have concentrated our work with adults in three  areas: 1) how to deal with disclosures from children, 2) how to recognize children that might be suffering from abuse or in an abusive situation, and 3) how to report abuse to civil authorities. Although both these efforts are valuable and worthwhile, they are inadequate. More is needed if we are to stop this from happening in our homes, our schools, our churches, and our communities.

To prevent child sexual abuse, we must teach adults (not just children) how to stop it before it happens, not merely stop it from happening again. When adults can take actions to prevent child sexual abuse, we will relieve our young children of the responsibility of standing alone to stop adults who want to prey on them.

Primary prevention is our only hope of keeping our children safe from sexual predators. Primary prevention is designed to keep the abuse from ever happening. Stopping abuse before it happens is our only guarantee of Keeping Them Safe.

The professionals at Arpeggias, LLC have led the way in developing a new approach to child sexual abuse prevention education. Keeping Them Safe is the program developed by Arpeggias for use in any group or organization that wants to develop and/or reinforce a safe environment for children and the adults who care for and work with them. Through this program, our professionals educate adults about a new way to approach child sexual abuse prevention. Their training programs include educating professionals as well as other adults and giving them a new set of tools for identifying potentially risky adults and intervening to prevent grooming.

“The innovative program you have developed has the power to change and perhaps even save young are equipping the community with the tools it needs to thwart sexual predators.”
— Kathy Taylor, Former Mayor of Tulsa

What We've Achieved

  • Keeping Them Safe, an interactive play and specialized scenarios that teaches adults how to prevent child sexual abuse.
  • Keeping Them Safe for Professionals, a presentation for continuing education that focuses on primary prevention tools in addition to those already part of the curriculum.
  • Evil in Our Midst - a book by Sharon Doty that outlines the potentially risky adult behaviors that are part of the predators "grooming" process.
  • Keeping Them Safe: a guide for parents, grandparents, guardians, and caring adults
  • Keynote speaker presentations on shifting the paradigm for child sexual abuse prevention at various conferences across the country.
  • Deliver Them From Evil customized program to provide training in child sexual abuse prevention to incarcerated women. This program gives women in prison a way to look out for their children even while they are incarcerated. 
  • Presentation at the ISPCAN Conference in York, England, and several other conferences in the U.S. on educating adults for primary prevention.
  • Named one of Fifty Making a Difference in Oklahoma by the Journal Record Woman of the Year Committee in 2013, 2014, and 2016. Inducted into the Woman of the Year Circle of Excellence in 2016. 
  • Named one of 100 Women with Moxie for her work in social justice and on behalf of women in Oklahoma, December 2014.
  • Distinguished Service Award, Child Abuse Network, 2010.
  • Mary Ann Wilson Award for Community Leadership in Child Abuse Prevention from Oklahoma Department of Health, 2012.