Keeping Them Safe an interactive play that educates adults how to identify and interrupt the grooming behaviors common to sexual predators.

Keeping Them Safe

Keeping Them Safe

With minimal sets, professional actors bring situations to life that adults encounter every day.

Every adult can learn how to identify the behaviors of possible child molesters and stop them before they harm our children.


Nancy and Kathlena


Keeping Them Safe by Arpeggias  teaches adults how to prevent child sexual abuse by identifying the risky behaviors and situations that allow others to prey on our children.

Adults also learn how to interrupt the grooming process so that children are never molested. The tools adults get in this presentation empower them to protect children in a new, effective way that can alter the future for children and families.


PROFESSIONAL training and presentations

Keeping Them Safe also delivers effective, informative, and educational programs for professionals. These programs focus on the primary prevention tools that are at the heart of all of Arpeggias programs and publications. The emphasis is on identifying and interrupting the potentially risky behaviors of adults in the environment so children never have to know they were at risk. These workshops are available in one or two hour formats. They are also interactive and include the basic information required by State and Local guidelines for reporting suspicions of abuse.

"Sharon stepped into this topic and captured the audience's attention with her entertaining comments and sidebars while sharing her professional expertise... One of the best parts of her presentation was how she custom designed it to be relevant for our small, rural school while also placing it in the broader context of our culture."  Jeanene Barnett, Superintendent of School, Bristow Public Schools, Bristow, Oklahoma


Sharon is a powerfully effective speaker who engages listeners from the beginning. She is down to earth and thoughtful and customizes her presentation to the audience. She is as effective in a room with six people as she is in an arena with several thousand and leaves everyone with the experience that they just had a personal conversation with her. Consider inviting her to speak at your conference or convention. She speaks on several subjects including what it takes to shift a paradigm, how we can prevent child sexual abuse, and establishing and enforcing boundaries in life. She also speaks about the world of widowhood (which she has been discovering for the last eight years) and has written a book based on her own research into how we develop proficiencies in life entitled “Developing 20/20 Foresight.”  

DELIVER THEM FROM EVIL - Making a difference for incarcerated women

A new project has been piloted in Oklahoma.  When considering the number of women incarcerated for non-violent offences, the fact that as high as 90% of incarcerated women were also victims of sexual abuse, and the reality that these women have lost the right to take care of and protect their children - at least while they are locked up, it became clear that a new avenue of prevention was needed for them. Prisons do have a "captive audience" and most of the women in prison want to create a new world free of abuse for their children and families. The program is a ninety minute workshop that focus on a few of the warning signs of potential predators and how these mothers can ask the right questions to those caring for their children to help make sure they are safe.  In addition, the program promotes a new view of relationships for these women so that they can avoid being at the effect of an abusive or manipulative man or  women intent on trapping the women in future criminal activities.

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Arpeggias will customize training for your audience and your budget. The goal of the company is the eradication of child sexual abuse on the planet beginning with stopping those abusers who professes to care about the child. Providing training that helps adults create and expand safe environments for children can be adjusted and customized to meet the particular needs and resources of any group.