Partners are key to fulfilling the mission of our work. Without others in leadership in child sexual abuse prevention beginning to view the world from a different perspective, primary prevention cannot happen. Three important partners in that effort are Alert Adults, My Kidz International, and The Eagle Gift Foundation of Tulsa.


The mission of Alert Adults is the same as Keeping Them Safe: to eradicate child sexual abuse from the planet. In order to further that objective, they help local organizations of all sizes to offer primary prevention programs that educate adults how to stop predators before they abuse. Programs must be approved in advance and, if accepted, Alert Adults may provide up to one-half the cost of the program presentation.

Alert Adults hosted the first primary prevention conference for professionals and influencers/decision makers in the Midwest on October 8th and 9th, 2015 at the OU Tulsa Schusterman Center in Tulsa. This this exciting event, featured Vincent Filette, MD, and co-author of the ACE Study, and Sharon Doty, M.H.R., J.D., founder of Alert Adults was the Keynote Speaker. At this event the first ever PICAP (Partners in Child Abuse Prevention) Awards were presented to honorees acknowledging the great contribution to prevention by government officials, organizations and individuals. 

Alert Adults hosts quarterly "Meet and Greet" events at different locations around Tulsa to introduce people and organizations to the work it is promoting in child sexual abuse prevention. Sharon Doty is often a featured speaker at these events and is available to answer questions about the program and how it differs from traditional prevention education. 


Yvonne Lewis, founder of My Kidz, has two goals for her organization. First to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect which crosses all racial an socio-economic boundaries and to find funding to support prevention efforts. Second is to encourage and support incarcerated parents to become better parents, while they are in prison and after they are released. To stop the cycle of abuse and crime in their families. Working with Yvonne and Kidz International, Keeping Them Safe has developed a child sexual abuse prevention program for inmates that empowers them to take action to protect their children from predators while they are still incarcerated. The program has a many fold benefit including allowing the prisoners to feel as though they are making a positive difference for their children even though they are not at home to care for them. 


A Tulsa based foundation, Eagle Gift supports programs developed in the Tulsa area that provide a unique approach to an existing social issue. They support programs that make a real difference in the quality of life NOW. As a supporter of EAPC, Eagle Gift Foundation has taken up the banner of child sexual abuse prevention by supporting adult education program presentations as well as sponsoring events and programs.